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How to get Free use of an XLink Programming Device

1.  Have your insurance company send us an insurance  certificate listing  A & A Automotive, Inc. as the "Loss Payee" for the XLink in the amount of $1375.  This protects both of us if the device is lost, stolen, or damaged.
2. Sign a contract stating that you will use our
programming services a minimum of four times
per month or pay a $50 tool usage fee at the end of
each month that the minimum usage has not been met. 
3. You must have a hardwired ethernet connection 
to program with this tool using an internet services with
a minimum download of 55 mbps and
minimum upload speed of 10 mbps.
4. This contract can be cancelled at any time by
calling (210) 352-5706 for a RMA and 
device is returned in good reusable condition.

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