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Professional ADAS Diagnosis
 Installation - Calibration


We Service Factory Advanced Driver Assist Systems

Acura - Audi - BMW - Buick - Cadillac - ChevroletChrysler

Dodge - FIAT - Ford - GMC - Honda - Hyundai - Infinity

KIA - Lexus - Lincoln - Mazda - Mercedes - Mercury - Mitsubishi

Nissan - Porsche - Subaru - Toyota - Volvo - Volkswagon


Is Your Car Equipped with Today's Technology?


What Is Calibration?

Calibration is the process of returning a

vehicle’s ADAS to OEM specifications.

Calibration is necessary after a collision

or mechanical repair when ADAS

components are removed or replaced.

 When a wheel alignment is performed

 or ride height is changed. 

When a new windshield is installed. 

This will ensure that the ADAS

features continue to function properly. 

What If I Do Not Calibrate?

If a car’s ADAS is not properly calibrated,

the system may not function safely.

If the cameras, radar, lidar, or sonar

senors on the vehicle are off by even

a few millimeters they may not give

accurate readings and the system

may not function properly.

A misaligned ADAS sensor could

jeopardize the functionality of

the system and lead to dangerous

driving or accidents. 

Do you wish you had the added safety of
Advanced Driver Assist Systems on your car?

We have partnered with Brandmotion to bring you the
best Aftermarket ADAS systems for add on saftey and security!

Cameras - Blind Spot Monitoring -Crash Avoidance - Parking Assist

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